About Us

Even though we opened Master Pawn in June of 2009, we are old hands in the pawn industry.

We are third generation pawn brokers going back to April of 1962.

Our family has owned and operated ten pawn shops in Western Kentucky and one in Chicago Illinois.

After owning and operating our stores for over 30 years we sold out and retired. All of our old stores are still in operation and are pretty much the same way they were when we sold them.

We have a new young generation that wanted to get into the family business so here we are.

Our philosophy is simple; treat pawn customers with dignity & respect, focus on the retail end of the business as much as the pawn end, and have a very clean, neat, automated pawn store.

Our approach broadens the pawnshop customer base by breaking down negative stereotypes that have long plagued the industry,

allowing us to be upscale and mainstream enough to appeal to everyone; regardless of social class.