Welcome to Master Pawn!


Hello, we are Master Pawn and we want to loan you money!

We offer Fast, Easy and Confidential funding solutions.

We will loan you money on collateral such as:

Boats - Aircraft - Luxury / Exotic Automobiles - Motor Homes - Motorcycles - Fine Jewelry & Luxury Watches


Personal Service.


When you call, we will personally answer the phone. You will deal with only us during this short process. We will handle every aspect of your loan. There is no loan officer.

There is no board that has to approve your loan. There is no appraiser. There is no waiting for your money.


Items that Banks demand Master Pawn Does Not


We DO NOT need your Tax Returns.

We DO NOT need your Financial Statement.

We DO NOT need your Income Statements.

We Do Not need your Credit Score.

We DO NOT need your Social Security Number.

We DO NOT ask what you are going to do with the money.

We DO NOT ask how you are going to pay us back.


What we need.


The only things that we need from you are the Collateral for the loan, a clear title to the collateral, and some of the information that is on your drivers license.

Is that simple or what!


How do I get started? 


Simply call us to get the ball rolling.

We will only need to know the following:

1.  What Collateral do you have?

2.  How much money do you want to borrow?


Then what?


As soon as we come to a tentative agreement, we will need to see the collateral.

As soon as we see the collateral, we can make you the loan.

You can come to our office in Owensboro Kentucky or We Can Come To You.

All vehicles are stored in a secure warehouse.

We will fund your loan by either Cashiers Check or Bank Wire


Master Pawn provides a confidential and quick funding process that can provide you with immediate cash through the equity of your luxury items.


If traditional sources of funding have not yielded the desired results and you wish to avoid distressed selling of your assets, consider our financing solution as a fast and private method to obtain the funds that you need.

Our approval process is completed in-house and we can usually approve loan requests the same day.

Funding for your loan can occur as soon as 20 minutes and you can use the proceeds of the loan for any purpose.

We eliminate the red tape by giving you a streamlined and quick access to the cash you need. Our primary decision to lend is based solely on the asset presented to us.

At Luxury Toys we’re aware of the hurdles that are common with traditional banks, and regardless of your relationship with them, these hurdles oftentimes cannot be overcome.

This is where we excel. We understand and appreciate your immediate need and have designed our lending programs with that in mind.


Here are just some of the reasons why other clients are choosing Master Pawn for immediate access to cash:


  • No Credit Checks Required
  • Money in Your Hand Quickly
  • Discreet, Fast, & Convenient Service
  • Alternative to Banks
  • No Income or Employment Verification
  • Renewable Terms
  • Alternative To Distressed Selling
  • Higher Loan to Value Loans
  • Loan Amounts Up To $500,000.00
  • Installment Payment Options
  • No Upfront Fees
  • Licensed, Bonded, And Fully Insured

    Master Pawn can provide immediate financing where speed and attention to special circumstances are critical.

    Most of our lending is catered to individuals and small business owners.

    There are no closings, attorneys, appraisals, or insurance fees.

    When we’re done processing your loan, you walk out with the money you need. As always all of our service’s are handled completely confidential.

    Each appointment is private and discreet to maintain the highest level of client privacy.

    All that is required is the clear title, registration and insurance to your vehicle.

    At Master Pawn all vehicles are kept in a secure off-site storage facility.

    Call us today, for a confidential appointment and get the cash you need!!! 


    Master Pawn Wants To Loan You Money


    Master Pawn

    1031 East 18th Street

    Owensboro Kentucky 42303

    270.683.2227 Office